TNT - AIM for Emacs

What is TNT?

TNT is an AOL Instant Messenger client for GNU Emacs and XEmacs. It has been called "AIM for grownups". :)

TNT has been around since about 1998. These days the TNT project lives on SourceForge; it is maintained and updated by a handful of developers that enjoy using TNT day-to-day.

Latest Release

The latest TNT release is 2.6, released on Mar 28, 2006. Download it here.

This version supports the TOC 2.0 protocol and has been working reliably for many months.

GNU Emacs users: TNT seems to be flaky in GNU Emacs, but reliable in XEmacs. We've yet to track this down; any ideas are welcome!

Join the Team

If you have code or ideas you'd like to contribute, that's great! Drop an email to the tnt-devel mailing list to introduce yourself. We're a casual, friendly group.

Need Help?

SourceForge provides forums and defect tracking, but those areas are pretty dead for TNT. Most of our traffic is on the tnt-devel mailing list. Feel free to ask questions there.

Project Homepage

TNT lives at